Samsung Galaxy S9, Release Date, Rumors and Specs

So with 2018 Rolling up everyone will be wondering when the next big thing from Samsung will come out, what it will looking like and what it will be packing in terms of specs.

There are plenty rumors surrounding the Galaxy S9, a lot of which are bogus. There are also plenty of the typical renders out there claiming to display what the Galaxy S9 will look like, but we will wade through the fake stuff and get to the facts.

When Will the Samsung Galaxy S9 Come out?

The Samsung S8 came out in early 2017 and so did most of the Samsung Galaxy line. So we would expect the Samsung Galaxy S9 to be coming out around March 2018. There have been rumors that the Galaxy S9 will come out in January, however, we reckon we can expect the S9 will be announced at CES in January, then released in March.

This would fall in line with previous launches and is how Samsung tends to work.

How much will the Samsung Galaxy S9 Cost

Samsung may see the release of the iPhone X at $1000+ as a way to bump up prices a little. However, we wouldn’t expect them to try and match those prices, even though the specs and features will likely be similar. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will likely be the one to come closer to the price range of the iPhone X.

We would expect the Samsung S9 to come in around £750 / $750 which would be a small bump on what the Galaxy S8 came out at.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Specs Prediction


The rumors seem to point to the Galaxy S9 coming with the Exynos 9810 (Just announced by Samsung) chipset outside the US and the Snapdragon 845 in the US.  It seems Samsung is already trying to claim all of the Snapdragon 845 chips in preparation for the launch of the Galaxy S9. If history is anything to go by then this should be a clear indicator that it will be used in the Galaxy S9.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 ran on a 10nm chip, which is already crazy efficient. But if Samsung can effectively and efficiently make the leap to 7nm, we could see significant performance gains with the Galaxy S9, especially in the battery department.

It includes an LTE modem which supports theoretical download speeds of 1.2Gbps – faster than any other phone, meaning you could potentially download an HD movie within just 10 seconds. However, don’t expect your provider to support those speeds!

Ram and Storage

Rumors also suggest that the Galaxy S9 will be sporting 4gb of ram and will start at 64gb of storage. Some have suggested that the Galaxy S9 may come with 6gb of RAM, however, we think this will be reserved for the Note series of phones. 4gb should be plenty for most users though.


As for the camera, we would be hoping to see an upgrade to the Galaxy S9. The S8 didn’t really improve hardware wise on the Galaxy S7 so an upgrade this time around is to be expected. Samsung have however just announced a new camera module called the  ISOCELL Slim 2X7. This is a 24 megapixel sensor that is capable of an astounding 1000 frames per second which rivals the latest Sony phone cameras.

We can also expect to see the S9 jump to a duel camera setup to match the Note series. There were rumors that the S8 was going to come with dual cameras, however, it seems they reserved the camera updates for the Note series.

We can also expect Samsung to follow suit with 3D face detection to rival Apple, we don’t expect them to get rid of the fingerprint scanner though!


It’s hard to give any exact numbers in regards to battery size, however, with size reductions to things like the SOC, Camera and motherboard, we would be expecting a bump in battery size. This combined with the likely improvements to efficiency means the Galaxy S9 should be able to go much longer than its predecessor.

We would also expect that the Galaxy S9 will come with Android Oreo.

Galaxy S9 Fingerprint Sensor

So on the Galaxy S8, Samsung was originally trying to put the fingerprint sensor under the screen. However, they pulled out of that as the technology wasn’t ready at the time. Now we have the fingerprint sensor next to the camera on the back, which people have complained about endlessly!

Rumors have been pointing to Samsung attempting the under screen fingerprint scanner again this time around. However, there have been more recent conflicting reports that suggest that it won’t happen.

There have been patents filed to put a notch at the bottom of the phone which would house a fingerprint scanner. However, we are expecting the fingerprint scanner to end up on the back of the phone again this time around. Hopefully though it will be further down in a more sensible location, instead of sitting directly next to the camera.

Galaxy S9 Design

There are always hundreds of renders that come out before a new mobile launch, however, we can expect the Galaxy S9 to resemble something like the above picture.

We can reasonably expect the Galaxy S9 to increase the screen to body ratio. There have been rumors that the Galaxy S9 will be incorporating a notch similar to the iPhone X, in order to use as much screen real estate as possible. If they do though then we don’t expect it to be as extreme and hopefully, there won’t be as many bugs involved with it as the iPhone X.

We also expect there to be more curves than just at the left and right side and we expect that the bottom of the screen will extend now to the bottom of the phone.

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